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Do you see yourself...

✨ Writing books,

✨ Being featured on media,

✨ Speaking on stages,

✨ And building your empire?

Writing my first book was a pivotal moment in my career.

I walked to my favorite coffee shop while my boys napped with Derek and I typed 2000 words and put my heart and soul on paper.

Three months later I released it on Amazon and immediately 35 women said yes to working with me.

It Connected Me To Those I Was Meant To Serve!

And it lead to me being interviewed on dozens of podcasts, being featured in magazines, and even writing for top tier publications like Forbes, Huffington Post, and International Living.


Client Love

"Don't work with Adriana unless you're ready for HUGE growth!"

Lindsay Crowther

- Lindsay Crowther

"The work Adriana does and the sacred space she holds is truly life changing."

Helen Reid

- Helen Reid

"I am more lit up and on fire about my business than I have ever been."

Darcie Elizabeth

- Darcie Elizabeth

"I bow to Adriana for all that she's taught me! Thank you so much!"

Cristel Mydske

- Cristel Mydske

"I can feel how much she pours herself into all that she does."

Susanne Braam1

- Susanne Braam

"Adriana got me on track after years of stops and starts."

Tarsh Ashwin

- Tarsh Ashwin

"Adriana made my dream of becoming a published author come true!"

Susanne Grant

- Susanne Grant

"You've been a miracle and blessing in my life. You're an answer to my prayers."

Jo Wiehler

- Jo Wiehler

"Thank you Adriana for being the most incredible woman and coach."

Lois Stanley

- Lois Stanley

I was asked to create this event almost one year ago on my 41st birthday...

I heard, "It’s time to gather the wild and wise women!"

I was living in Tirana, Albania at the time and had been traveling full-time with my family for three years.

I didn’t feel qualified to lead a large in-person event and I felt a little like Moana as I embarked on this new adventure into the great unknown!

As fate would have it, we flew back to the US eight months later and one step at a time, the details of this event were given to me by my Guides.

On September 13th a new Guide showed up in my home. She assured me she would help me and told me her name was Iris and she became the inspiration for our logo.

The events that unfolded have been nothing short of miraculous!


Leading Ladies is happening because the hearts and souls of women have been asking for it and I was willing to lead it.

You are an outlier. You are the star of your show. You are ready to be seen and heard!

On March 3rd-5th we’ll meet on the grounds of Villa Toscana, an eight bedroom mansion just outside of Miami, Florida.

It’s absolutely perfect for a grand celebration!

I have no doubt, you will be mesmerized with the overwhelming gorgeous mansion and beautiful tropical secret gardens, fountains & cascading waterfalls on over four acres of tropical manicured landscapes.

This is not any business conference, this is the experience of a lifetime!

✨ Network with successful women from around the world.

✨ Learn what platforms you can tell your story on NOW.

✨ Discover what you can do to grow your business through books, media, and stages.

✨ Be inspired by guest speakers and expert panelists.


Tuesday, March 3rd

We will host a special dinner on March 3rd at 6 pm where our Mansion and VIP Guests can meet our Featured Speakers and Authors.

Guests will receive luxury swag bags full of unique gifts, enjoy a gourmet meal, complete with meaningful conversation and networking.

Wednesday, March 4th

The conference will begin at 10 am on March 4th on the grounds of Villa Toscana. You will hear from our Featured Speakers and Authors as well as participate in a networking lunch.

At 3 pm, guests can take a break at their accommodations before our Sacred Circle Ceremony at 7 pm.

The entire AMA Publishing Team and Staff is committed to creating an experience that is deeply spiritual and sure to take your business to the next level.


Helen Reid

Helen Reid

Helen Reid is a leading Intuitive Speaker, Mentor and Facilitator, specialising in the creation of extraordinary success.

She supports high-achieving, ambitious women to courageously walk their soul path and achieve effortless success in the four corners of life:

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Love
  • Perfect Soul-Expression

Through her work, Helen’s clients move from procrastination, confusion and dissatisfaction to experiencing clarity of vision and process and a life where they really can have it ALL. Helen lives in the South of Spain with her husband and her two young children.

Michelle Aspinwall

Michelle Aspinwall

Michelle Aspinwall is a health coach in New York City who created a bespoke skincare line specifically attuned to the seasons. Michelle has studied principles of Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine and herbal therapies.

Her unique approach combines both Eastern healing methods with the precision of Western science and specialized testing. The key is to connect how physical, spiritual and energetic bodies work cohesively, along with the impact of lifestyle choices.

A significant influence on women’s health is how they identify with the passing of time  and unapologetically decide to reimagine the unfolding of their lives.

Susanne Braam

Susanne Braam1

Susanne Braam is an intuitive artist, crystalgrid expert and activator of the divine feminine.

She creates healing designs which speak a language beyond words and combines the power of colors, sacred geometry, crystals and the moon to create vortex’s of energy to support your personal and business intentions.
Susanne helps witches in business to feel safe and supported while manifesting their desires in her New Moon Collective.
She designs custom rituals and dance practices to assist flowing through any type of transition in life. She has gained skills, wisdom and sensitivity trough intense life experiences and a wide variety of trainings. It’s with great dedication that she holds space for passionate, ambitious women who are ready to rise into their next level of greatness!
Clients love to work with Susanne because of the power of her art & crystal grids, her accurate intuitive guidance and the unconditional love she pours in all that she does. It leaves them feeling empowered, activated and ready to take on the world!

Tara Clapp

Tara Clapp

Tara Clapp is a naturopathic doctor who's area of focus is anti-aging and hormone optimization to highly motivated women.

She helps women achieve radiant skin, maintain an active lifestyle and have lots of energy to do what they want. But what  she's really passionate about is teaching women how to harness the power of nature to change their biology, hormones, and genetic expression so they can live happier and healthier lives and achieve their vision of their best self!

She combines modern lab tests, that measure your hormones and reveal your genetic susceptibilities,  with effective holistic lifestyle modifications to allow the transformation magic to happen.  That is why her clients get impressive results.

She is the creator of a unique program, Aging Younger, which combines her years of experience and research to help women turn back the clock, to look and feel younger.

Rebecca Tannock

Rebecca Tannock

Rebecca Tannock is a best-selling author, professional newborn photographer and the Founder of Aligned Mothers on a Mission.

She guides mothers on the journey of building soul aligned businesses so parenting and business can flow more easily. Originally coming from Germany, she is now married to an Australian and with their 3 children, living in Adelaide South Australia.

Rich Witch, Divine  Channel, and serial entrepreneur.

Adriana Monique Alvarez is the creator of AMA Publishing. She has worked with over 1000 women in 36 countries and has been featured on Forbes, Huffington Post, International Living, Addicted to Success, Elephant Journal, FOX, ABC, and NBC.

She’s the author of four books including the International Bestselling Book, She Made It Happen. She is Rich Witch, Divine Channel, and passionate about creating platforms for powerful women to share their story and create a business they love. She lives in New Orleans with her husband Derek and sons, Sam and Grant.